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where do I fit in to the world of sro media ventures and Go2rba?

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From HD/SD video production to DVD or Blu-Ray or Online delivery: RBA can handle it. Brochures, newsletters, business plans and brochures; local, regional, national ads, and even calendars: RBA can produce and design it. From fashion to parts catalogs, RBA can shoot it. Trade Show or Movie posters: RBA can print it.

Click this link to email a query as to your needs. We will get back to you promptly. Estimates are free.

We have digital photography, film photography with drum scanning up to 4x5 inch format, and large format printing to go with our multiple workstations.

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When you see a link here, it enables you to quickly send an email to get involved, or at least listed for a call back or emailed opportunity, right now. We work in California, New York, and Florida, but fly in the right people when we need to to any location.

You can attach photos, PDF’s, or whatever you think sells you or your service BEST. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Are you an ACTOR? Get in our database!

Are you a “BEHIND THE SCENES” professional?

Do you offer SUPPORT SERVICES to the industry?

Do you have a HORROR FILM project needing a break?


Models under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during photography sessions.

Richard Brown has been a friend to the modeling industry for decades, and is a founder of (OMP.) He also is a founder of OMP Studios as well as co-creator of OMP’s TV show, “Shut Up and Model!” In California, Richard’s project studio knows no equal in creative expression.

New models can apply for a test shoot or to become a portfolio advantaged managed model by getting a free OMP page, post a few pictures of any quality, and submitting your OMP Model Number to Richard Brown through this email LINK.

Experienced OMP Models can query about test shooting or becoming a managed model with the great benefit of getting their next YEAR free on OMP by clicking this email link.



Send them.


You are developing talent. Established talent need new pictures. Actors need to update. RBA can accommodate the needs of talent at great rates, even by TFP when time permits.

For any talent, we can provide efficient shoots delivering results which belie the cost conscious budget. We only need to sync our schedules.

Quick Headshots - Green Screen Shoot of 150-250 frames, with 3 changes, 3 lighting setups, retouching and processing of 2 selects with a choice of backgrounds are just $99. Online Proof Gallery available within 24 hours of shoot. CD of retouched masters (and all other frames of the shoot,) 8x10 proof prints of final images, and FREE Silver Level Membership to included.

Controlled Daylight and Shooting After Dark under strobes can be booked. That means Day or Night shoots on THE STAGE, our amazingly creative space. We have some interior sets which are available to model portfolio needs.

Your actors need to cut at demo reel? Transfer the footage to DV, DVCAM, or HDV (more formats coming soon) and contact RBA for a session. Most demos can be cut in a day

Finally, keep in mind SRO Media Ventures, our parent company, will be casting in the future. A working relationship can only help.