Above, Richard Brown mans an Arriflex 35BL shooting a rare commercial appearance by Dustin Hoffman for “End World Hunger.” Not just a shooter, Richard also wrote, produced, directed, lit, and edited the commercial.


dustin hoffman in a rare commercial. Richard Brown, filmmaker.

Richard Brown has vast visual arts experience as well as ownership of a purpose-built project studio with amazing capabilities.

Today, Richard plans to return to the arena where his work has garnered attention: Student Academy Award Nomination; winner, Toronto Film Festival; winner, Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival; winner, Bravo Channel competition... the list continues.

Connecting with talent; from models, to actors, to film crew; has always been a great feature of the Internet. If this means YOU, get involved now!

Clients will find a hard work ethic and high standards when considering the services still offered under RBA’s umbrella.

Currently, Richard has several deals in the works, live action 3-D and 2-D horror movies. When these shows get underway, a blog will show up here in the spirit of independent production and the Internet.

Richard is designing the 3-D camera rigs, which will one day support many other 3-D projects. SRO Media is particularly interested in hearing about your HORROR film.


More than a decade has past since the time Richard Brown last worked in the dramatic cinema.

Today, like some dragon, this palpable hiatus has been smote by a new wave of projects from 3-D dramas to indie horror.

Filmmaking, of course, remains a collaborative art. Talent on both sides of the camera should seek their opportunities right now on this site.


For the past decade-plus, Richard has been busy as an Internet pioneer, producing corporate video and advertising,  designing software, creating TV reality, moving to L.A., building a project studio, and founding a few new enterprises on familiar ground: software, photography, motion picture production, and the Internet. In this spirit, this web site has been relaunched with renewed purpose and new opportunities for many.

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